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New sod care instructions and tips

Sod is an investment worth making. However, once you make it, it's essential that you take the right steps to maintain your new lawn. At Chantilly Turf Farm, Inc., we are more than happy to provide you with the resources you need to do just that.


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Install your new sod right away

Do not get your new sod until you are ready for it. Make sure proper ground prep has been completed prior to receiving sod. Sod is a living plant and is extremely perishable! With the hot weather that summer brings, sod will dry up and start to show signs of stress very quickly if left rolled up on the pallet or installed and not watered immediately. It is imperative that you install your new sod as quickly as possible in order for the transplant to be successful.

You can depend on us to provide the very best in sod and lawn products. We've built a solid reputation providing the very best sod to the Washington Metro area since 1970.

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Water it immediately

Water your new sod IMMEDIATELY after installation. How much water is enough? You want to flood the newly installed sod with lots of water. Think of the sod as a sponge. After you water, the sod should be plump and squishy. For LARGE areas, install and water in sections as sod is installed. Please adjust your schedule to allow time to water immediately after installing your new sod.


These tips will improve the chances for successful transplant (rerooting of the sod into your prepared soil) and give you a beautiful, healthy lawn.