Chantilly Turf Farms, Inc.

24282 Quail Ridge Lane

Aldie, VA 20105 

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Turf for your home or contracting project

Chantilly Turf Farms, Inc. uses a modern machine that automatically cuts the sod, rolls it in a tight roll, stacks it neatly on a pallet and drops the pallet in a continuing line. This machine has a roller that puts down pressure on the grass just prior to the cutting blade which ensures an even and consistent cut.


Our pallets are then loaded on a truck and transported to our office where they can be picked up by our customers or transferred to our trucks for delivery. No need to drive to the fields to pick up your sod.

We provide seed, (the same seed as our sod) in small bags used for small patch up areas. We also provide it in larger bags. We provide numerous pamphlets to assist you in maintaining and caring for your new lawn.


We assist you in loading your new sod and provide protective paper to keep your vehicle clean! Or delivery can be arranged for the Northern Virginia area!


Depend on a company with experience.

Since 1970, we've provided the very best

sod possible.

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Call us today for a FREE estimate on any hardscape material you need.


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